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We are a 501c3 approved, tax exempt non-governmental organization geared to empower, support and improve education among students, their families and their future employers.

GERA walks with them every step of the way, helps to concur and gain the best results in a successful career of choice. GERA prepares them to gain confidence, knowledge and success in minimum required years due to our innovative and futuristic structure.

Our Mission

Global Education and Research Alliance (GERA), Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to provide and promote free worldwide education. GERA believes education is the key to success, therefore we do not want anyone to be left behind due to lack of economic status or lack of resources. GERA believes that strong family support can play an essential role for youth to become responsible adults, which is why our program provides coaching for parents to plan a successful future for their children. Even though GERA believes in higher education and supports students and their families, we do not exclude young professionals, new business owners, seniors, people with disabilities, or minorities.

Our Vision

To start at the family’s home and help them create a clear vision for the successful future of their children.

Gera’s program is designed in a way to meet individual student’s abilities and create self-motivation to cultivate successful business leaders of tomorrow.

GERA guides and assists them in their pursuit to success, excellence in their career and prosperity in their new business. In addition, we want every person, regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or background to have their rights protected and given equal opportunity and assistance to reach their personal goals and achievements. Education support Through the use of mentor-based programs, we are building a new generation of entrepreneurial and academic leaders – young men and women fully equipped with the training and confidence necessary for building a better tomorrow. We are in the process of developing a student management software application, where students become independent and recognize their own strengths and abilities to practice critical thinking.

Global Education and Research Alliance will be the first comprehensive program where our members will input their individual ideas, improve their skills, exercise their critical thinking and reach their highest potential. GERA's fundamental belief system is that “Education is the key to Success.” Our goal is for free education to be recognized and available globally. One nation cannot change the world alone, thus our organization will bring the opportunity to those who strive to learn and make a difference wherever they are. An international student body enhances cross-cultural perspectives and an appreciation for cultural diversity. Only by exploring different approaches will innovative and creative solutions be found – necessary in today’s international business arena. Members will be challenged to move out of their “comfort zone” with an open mind and flexible attitude in order to competently solve today’s problems and make effective decisions.


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